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Cold choices:


      Fresh Vegetables w/dip

      Chunked Meat and Cheese Tray w/dip and crackers

      Cheese Balls w/crackers

      Fresh Fruit Tray

      Pumpernickel Bread w/Spinach dip

      Antipasto Salad w/Mini Rolls

      Chicken, Egg, or Ham Salad Triangles


Hot Choices:


      Cocktail Meatballs

      Frank's in a Blanket

      Hot or Mild Buffalo Wings

      Mini Pizzas

Assorted Mini Quiche

Banana Peppers w/ Cheese

      Chicken Tenders w/ dip

  Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Assorted Fried Vegetables

Barbque Chicken Skewers

    Egg Rolls


Each cold choice is $2.00 per person.

Each hot choice is $2.75 per person.


Cold package out for 1 hour $4.95 per person which includes:

Fresh Vegetables w/dip

Chunked Meat & Cheese w/dip & crackers

Fresh Fruit Tray or Brushetta